Frequently asked questions:

When does the game starts ?

 The outdoor escape game runs daily. Just pick a day and time for your team on our booking system and you are good to go! Please note that the game takes between 2h et 2.5h to complete. If you wish to start the game later or earlier, send us a message ( ). Keep in mind that booking is compulsory and that we take one booking per slot.

We are more than 8 and less than 3, can we still join ?

  If you are more than 8 in your group, we can split you in two (or more) competing teams! Contact us to arrange that. If you are less than 3 participants, you will have to pay for 3 people in order to take part.

Is the escape game in English?

 Yes indeed! In fact you can play in either English, French or Dutch. Our team will help you configure the language at the start of the game, within the app.

Do you provide a participation certification ?

 Yes, you get a digital copy of your team results at the end of the adventure, including statistics and how many points your team won. You can print it yourself and / or share it on social networks.

Is the workshop kids friendly ?

 We currently only accept kids that are aged 16 and up (always accompanied by at least one participating adult) as the story takes the players to bars. If you are looking for a kid friendly activity, check out our waffle workshop

Do I need to take anything with me to the outdoor escape game ?

 Yes, you need at least one smartphone with a working DATA connection per team. Most of the game data can be downloaded using our wifi connection at the start but you will still need a bit of data to make the game work. We currently do not offer offline version.

How much will I have to walk ?

 You should be able to complete the game by walking 3KM to 3.5KM (about 2 miles) depending on your skills!

Whats included in the fee ?

 The fee includes all the equipement you wil need to complete the game (that's a backpack filled with locks and props!) + 3 beers per person. Its possible to swap the beers for non alcohol drinks, just mention the number of participants that do not want alcohol during the booking process.

What's your location ?

 The game starts and ends at our HQ located in the center of Brussels: Rue d'Artois 39, B-1000 Brussels. Booking in advance is compulsory. You can find a map here!

I don't drink alcohol / beer , can I join ?

 Yes, we offer a non alcoholic version of the game in which you can choose non alcoholic drinks instead. We just need to know in advance how many participants in your group won't drink (that info is asked to you during the booking process).

Can I book the escape game as a team building or for a large group ?

 Each slot in our reservation system is private. So each group (3 min, max 8 participants) play together, in the same team, without anyone else. If you come with a large group and want to make several teams that will play / compete at the same time, please contact us below:

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